WHAT’S HAPPENING? – JULY 3rd-9th, 2023

Emancipation Day 07/03/2023

This week is full of celebration here on St. Croix beginning with the 175th Emancipation Day on Monday, July 3. This day is of profound importance for the Virgin Islands, as it commemorates the abolition of slavery on the island from the Danish West Indies in 1848. Frederiksted comes alive with a full day of events, starting with a Freedom Walk from fort to fort at 5am. Bystanders can cheer on the walkers as they make it to Fort Frederik followed by a parade in downtown Frederiksted. Stay for the day for the various tributes, ceremonies, and lunch as you watch the vibrant culture of St. Croix’s history come alive. After a full day of celebrations, stay to enjoy the fireworks that begin around 8pm. The Remedy will be open Monday from 10am to 5pm in downtown Christiansted.

Independence Day 07/04/2023

Tuesday, July 4th is another full day of celebrating our nation’s Independence. All over the island will be events and beach parties, followed by fireworks in the evening in Frederiksted. Be sure to head out west early to find your spot on the beaches before the festivities begin. Frederiksted will be filled with street vendors, live free music, dancing and fun for the whole family! Take the kids to the newly built park across the street from the fort and appreciate the hard work the volunteers put into this beautiful space. There will be a second night of fireworks roughly around 8pm. The Remedy will also be open on Independence Day from 10am-2pm.

Summer Jump Up 07/07/2023

Lastly, this week will be our Summer Jump up Friday July 7 in downtown Christiansted. You will find plenty of vendors out and showcasing their talents, be it artwork, jewelry or local foods! The festivities will go into the evening, and some shops and bars/restaurants will be open later than usual, including The Remedy. Parking can get sparse, so come to town early and get shopping done before the party begins.

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