The Remedy – Manager

Brianna has extensive experience in the retail industry and a strong eye for marketing. Being an avid adventure seeker, she moved to the Virgin Islands in 2020 to see where life took her.

Brianna has been working with The Remedy since March of 2022. With her vast knowledge of hemp/cannabis and the products, one would think she’s been here since the start. She has extensive retail experience and has become a true asset. Brianna has completed some college curriculum and numerous courses with Medical Marijuana 411, one of the first and most trusted online resources for medical cannabis education. She also shined bright in The Remedy’s rigorous training program and aced all of her courses with the company.

Brianna serves as our Manager, charged with assisting customers and keeping the day to day operations of The Remedy running like a well-oiled machine. She also assists in compiling social media advertisements, maintaining our online storefront, and submissions to our online blog.

What is your favorite product?

I have a couple of “go to” products I don’t want to live without. I love the delta 9 THC edibles for better sleep, but lately I’m loving the Cool Out Delta 8 THC Seltzers.

The CBD pet tincture has helped my senior dog, Shyann, not only with her joints, but extending her overall quality of life at this later stage.

The Delta 8 THC & CBD 1:1 tincture has also been a godsend in my house for the positive effects it’s had on severe nerve pain and providing relief to allow better sleep.

What do you like most about working at The Remedy?

During my time in the childcare industry, I began exploring a more natural approach to life, with food and medicine. As I experimented with what worked for me, I became an advocate to others for a more holistic approach to what we put in our bodies. Working for The Remedy has brought my holistic lifestyle at home full circle, allowing me to help others find a similar approach.

I love knowing I am helping someone deal with their pain, be it physical or mental, stress, and anxiety, in a more natural and holistic approach. I will have customers come in looking for relief, whether it’s something as simple as a topical for their muscles and joint pain, or something much deeper. It is just such a rewarding experience for me, to have those customers return happily because something worked.  Helping others feel better naturally is something I feel passionate about.

Where is your favorite place to eat on island?

My favorite place is La Reine Chicken Shack for a delicious chicken dinner mid-island. I also really love the lentil balls from Ital in Paradise in downtown Christiansted.  However, for a good drink and amazing view I am going to Off the Wall for a Cruzan Confusion on the north shore.