The Remedy – Owner

Ryan and his partner, Lindsey, moved to St. Croix after his retirement from the U.S. Marine Corps in 2018. After 25 years of service he was excited to finally pick where he got to live. Lindsey’s only stipulation was that it needed to be warm. Ryan remembered back to a previous vacation to the U.S. Virgin Islands and how much he loved it… and just like that, they packed up and moved.

It was apparent early on that Ryan was not made for retirement. While trying to discover his next venture in life, he struggled with insomnia, pain management and PTSD from his time in the military. He was speaking with a friend who suggested he try CBD oil. He was given a homemade tincture that made a huge difference in his quality of life, but found himself asking, “Just want is really in here and how much of it am I taking each time?” With no real access to a retail establishment on island with high quality products that provided lab testing, his next venture was clear.

That is where The Remedy was born. He visualized a store that specialized solely on hemp derived products where you could go in and get educated assistance on what you were consuming. If he saw this much benefit from a simple cannabinoid from a plant, he needed to share it with people of the island.

During Ryan’s time in the Marines, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Park University and finished his service as a Captain. Since then, he has completed numerous courses with Medical Marijuana 411, one of the first and most trusted online resources for medical cannabis education. Ryan also studied in the University of Baltimore – Maryland’s Medical Cannabis and Science Therapeutics Masters program. Additionally, he received multiple certifications including Medical Marijuana Consultant from Washington State and Medical Marijuana Certification from Cannabis Training University.

Currently, Ryan has been able to shift his focus on to multiple new business ventures. He is acting as Lead on Payleaf, a digital payment solution with a focus on cannabis for Stoned Ape Crew (SAC), a leading NFT project in the Solana space and top brand in the Web3 cannabis world. He also serves as Head of Cannabis for SAC. He is also working on bringing to life his next retail business venture on the west end of the island. STAY TUNED!

What is your favorite product?

I’m currently loving the high mg delta 8/9 THC gummies. They help tremendously with my insomnia. I also like to switch it up sometimes and grab a Galaxy Treats Delta 8 THC Krispy Treat or a Delta 8 Drink Additive.

What do you like most about working at The Remedy?

I have loved being able to make so many connections at the shop since we opened.

Where is your favorite place to eat on island?

I’m a big fan of the wings at Shupe’s on the boardwalk in downtown Christiansted. For something a bit more upscale, I enjoy the Bombay Club, located downtown as well.