The Remedy – Owner

Lindsey and her partner, Ryan, started The Remedy in June of 2019. Since then, her knowledge of cannabis and hemp has flourished. She has completed numerous courses with Medical Marijuana 411, one of the first and most trusted online resources for medical cannabis education. Lindsey also studied along side Ryan in the University of Baltimore – Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics Masters program. During that time she completed extensive research into all aspects of the plant.

Prior to starting The Remedy, Lindsey graduated from Carthage College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and minored in Marketing. She has over almost 20 years experience in the customer service industry.

If you don’t see Lindsey up at the front of the store assisting customers, you’ll find her in one of her offices working on keeping our shelves stocked, books balanced, updating the website, online store, and social media accounts, or finding the next new product to bring onto The Remedy’s shelves.

What is your favorite product?

I love the effects the pet products have had on my aging Boston terrier, Abbie. She has arthritis and struggles to get up stairs, on the couch, bed, etc. I started giving her CBD drops in the morning and night with her food and noticed a huge difference within a few days. It was like it took years off her. She was much more active and like herself again.

For me, personally, I am a huge fan of the disposable vaporizers that are a 1:1 mix of CBD and Delta 8 THC. I struggle with some social anxiety and vaping allows me a fast acting relief without a long duration of effect. My tolerance for THC is also very low, so the 1:1 mixture with CBD is perfect for me as the CBD makes the psychoactive effects of the THC much more mild for my low tolerance of THC.

What do you like most about working at The Remedy?

I love being able to assist customers in what they are looking for, since most of our clients are looking to ease ailments that they are dealing with on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on being a step above the rest with our education on the products and the hemp and cannabis industry to really make a difference.

Where is your favorite place to eat on island?

This is a hard one because of all the great options on this tiny island. If I’m looking for quick and easy Common Cents Pub on Company Street in Christiansted is a solid choice. If I’m looking for something a bit fancier, I am a sucker for Duggan’s out east.