Canna River Full Spectrum CBD Tincture - Lemon Raspberry 6,000mg

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Brand: Canna River

The Remedy now offers Canna River Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures in 6,000mg of CBD per 60ml bottle.

  • 6,000mg CBD, 60ml bottle
  • Organic MCT Oil
  • Non-GMO and Vegan
  • Sugar-Free and Alcohol-Free
  • Full Spectrum CBD sourced from hemp grown in the USA
  • <0.3% THC

Ingredients: Full Spectrum hemp distillate, MCT oil, natural and artificial food-grade flavor, sucralose.

Lemon Raspberry: Succulent raspberries and sour lemons provide candy-like flavor that will leave your tastebuds tingling. This tincture is natural & artificial and contains sucralose. We love refreshing, homemade raspberry lemonade. That's why we made a Lemon Raspberry Flavored CBD Tincture. This version is made with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, organic MCT oil, natural terpenes, and food-grade flavor extracts.

This CBD tincture is hugely popular amongst our customers. People love the delicious flavor of lemon raspberry, the perfect blend of botanical ingredients, and the remarkably effective full spectrum CBD present in this tincture. Canna River is one of the most reputable and widely used brands on the market and produces some of the finest hemp extract on the face of the planet. If you are interested in treating yourself to a delicious, powerful CBD tincture, there is no better choice than the full spectrum lemon raspberry tincture from Canna River CBD.

This company is committed to bringing their customers the best tinctures with the purest CBD, and the finest botanical ingredients. Canna River spends a great deal of time and energy making sure that their incredibly high standards are met every step of the way when crafting this perfectly fruity tincture. There is nothing quite as refreshing and invigorating as the flavor of lemons and raspberries, and when you combine that sensation with the power of CBD, you provide your body with a truly special experience. The next time you find yourself craving the benefits of full spectrum CBD, reach for the delicious Canna River Lemon Raspberry CBD tincture.

How It’s Made
In order to make the best products, a company must commit a huge amount of time and effort in the production phase. Canna River takes the utmost care in crafting their lemon raspberry CBD tincture, and is directly involved in the manufacturing of this product every step of the way. This company takes a seed to shelf approach with this carefully crafted tincture, and from the moment the seeds are planted, to the day the tincture ships to a lucky customer, Canna River is there making absolutely certain that their incredibly high standard of excellence is being met throughout the entirety of the production process.
The magic starts on the farm, when carefully selected hemp seeds are planted in rich American soil. These perfect seeds are tended to by highly qualified farmers who practice ethical, sustainable farming practices that yield some of the finest hemp on the planet. Once the healthy hemp plants have grown to full maturity, they are harvested, dried to the perfect moisture level, and prepared for the next phase of production. Canna River uses an incredibly clean and efficient proprietary extraction method that allows them to pull all of the desirable compounds from the raw hemp plant to the resulting extract. When your top priority is quality, and you refuse to settle for second best, allow yourself to indulge in a truly premium CBD experience with this full spectrum lemon raspberry tincture.

Top-Tier Ingredients

Canna River is wholly committed to their products, and the wellness of their customers. This means spending extra time selecting and sourcing the finest ingredients to include in their formulations. This lemon raspberry tincture is loaded with all of the beneficial compounds present in full spectrum hemp extract. Allow your body to experience the effects of terpenes, cannabidiol, and valuable amino acids with this perfect blend of potent compounds. Though this product contains some of the finest hemp extract in the world, that is not all it has to offer in regard to beneficial botanicals.

This impressive tincture utilizes MCT oil to balance and measure the perfect potency. Medium-chain triglyceride oil also helps to encourage an active metabolic system which helps your body absorb nutrients and therefore makes CBD more readily and rapidly available. This means that when you need to feel the benefits of high-grade CBD as fast as possible, this MCT-rich CBD tincture is a fantastic option.

Third-Party Tested

Canna Rivers commitment to quality starts with selecting high-grade hemp seeds, continues throughout the growing process, but does not end after extraction or formulation. This company is fully dedicated to their customers and the quality of their product, and refuses to offer anything but their absolute best CBD. Though this company invests a great deal of time, energy, and resources into the manufacturing of these premium CBD tinctures, and knows exactly what it ingredients contain, Cann River takes no chances with their customers well being and sends all of their products to ISO certified third-party laboratories for a thorough inspection.

A team of highly qualified lab technicians put these products through rigorous tests that check for any heavy-metals, nasty pesticides, or harmful chemicals. These laboratory tests also confirm the purity of these tinctures as well as their contents and potency. If you want to see just how amazing this lemon raspberry flavored full spectrum tincture really is, just take a look at the lab reports. Each and every full spectrum lemon raspberry tincture from Canna River comes with a certificate of quality, and a detailed list of confirmed contents.


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